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Dinner Party Tips to ensure a stress free evening in your Surrey home

Inviting guests into your home for a meal always seems like a good idea when you plan a dinner party. Weeks in advance, the prep and stress is far in the future, and you can spend time thinking about all of the lovely conversation, fine wine and delicious food that will ensue. And then… the actual date approaches and you start to feel the pressure.

Whether you’re entertaining old friends or an important work colleague, you’ll undoubtedly want to serve them excellent food in a welcoming environment. You’re likely to start scrutinising all of the unfinished home repairs, loose floorboards and chipped paint in your home – and you haven’t even started to plan the menu!

By the time the actual evening arrives, you’re tired, stressed and wishing for the moment that everyone collects their coats and heads home. It doesn’t have to be this way.

If you want to host a truly stress free dinner party that you enjoy as much as your guests do, we have some tips that will help.

1. Prepare everything possible in advance

You always think you will have more time on the day of the dinner party than you actually do, so it is never a bad idea to do more than less in advance.

Dice those onions, peel those carrots, chop that garlic - assess your menu and do anything – anything – that you can possibly do in advance.

2. Ask everyone about their dietary requirements

There is nothing worse than finding out at the last minute that your cousin’s new girlfriend is gluten free or a vegan and you don’t have anything suitable to feed them! When you send out the invitation, make sure that you ask for a full rundown on what everyone can and cannot (or will not) eat.

3. There’s no shame in getting a little help

Whether you decide to hire a Surrey caterer or do the cooking yourself, it’s always a great time saver to pre-prepare as many components as possible.

If you are cooking yourself, choose dishes with very little last minute preparation required, otherwise you'll spend your evening in the kitchen and not with your guests.

For those items you can't fully prepare in advance, little cheats come in handy, such as buying pre-chopped vegetables, a pudding from a bakery, or a pre-made cocktail mix – which all save valuable time and stress.

4. If your budget allows, have a housekeeper clean and stage your home

One of the biggest stresses of hosting a dinner party is ensuring that your house looks its very best. While you are trying to get everything (including yourself) ready for the evening, a housekeeper can make your house sparkling clean. For a real treat we'd also suggest having them in the next day for the clear up!

If your home requires greater work, it may be worth using a lifestyle management service to oversee larger jobs in the months running up to your dinner party. As the big day approaches they can even help with staging your home so it looks as welcoming and inviting as possible.

5. Hiring a caterer will always be your best option

If you want your dinner party to be truly stress free, then hiring a Surrey caterer is your best choice. Not only will they take the weight of the prep and cooking off of your shoulders, they will serve your guests a delicious and creative menu and clear up after themselves. Not only that, but they have experience dealing with all kinds of food restrictions and dietary requests.

Hiring a caterer for your dinner party can actually be a lot less expensive than you might think – and the results will blow you and your guests away.

Take a look at our menus to see if we could be the Surrey caterer for you and call Richard on 07793 356131 to find out more.

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