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5 Things to Consider when Hosting a Wedding at Home

When it comes to impressive estates, country manors and lovely family homes, it doesn’t get much better than Surrey. With all of these stunning properties, it’s no surprise that many local brides and grooms choose to host their wedding ceremonies and/or receptions at home.

While this decision can be the perfect choice for many people, it is surprising just how many small details that the happy couple can forget about in the initial stages of planning. In all of the excitement of the announcement and the big dreams about the special day ahead, some pretty important considerations can get left until it’s too late.

If you are planning to host your own (or a loved ones) wedding at home, here are five important details that you can’t afford to forget.

1. Catering Concerns.

When it comes to picking a Surrey caterer, you have plenty of companies to choose from. Most importantly, you need to choose a catering company that you gel with, someone who shares your unique vision for the day. After all, food can truly make or break an event!

Once you have chosen your catering company, you need to ensure that your home has enough space and the correct facilities for the chef and staff to carry out their important work. While they can usually arrive with the food warm and prepared, they will need space for preparation, clean up and staging. You’ll also need to provide them with a reliable water source.

2. Do you have ample parking?

Whether you are planning to invite 20 guests or 200, you need to make sure that you have the space for them to park. Unless you plan to hire transportation from a central point for all of your guests, you will need to arrange a secure and convenient parking area for everyone.

3. Have you spoken with your neighbours?

While you are sure to be extremely excited about the big day, your neighbours might not be too pleased about the influx of traffic and noise in the area. In our experience, as long as you share the good news with them ahead of time, most people are usually more than happy to share their patch with the joy and excitement of a wedding celebration.

4. Have you considered hiring a special events company to set things up?

While you might be excited about the more pleasant aspects of planning your wedding, there are always bound to be practical concerns that get overlooked. This is why a special events company or wedding planner can be a worthwhile investment. They are skilled at the decoration process, the heavy lifting and all of the other set up details that are likely to become a stressor on your big day.

5. Finally, do you have a plan for the clean up?

Once the excitement (and let’s face it, the stress) of the big day has passed, you will want some time for rest, relaxation and togetherness. The last thing you will want to be doing is cleaning up after a massive celebration! One of the oft-forgotten details of a wedding held at home is the clean up process. Plenty of companies specialise in special event set up and take down – you will likely want to hire an external team just for this purpose.

At Free Range Cooks, we ensure all the catering concerns are fully considered and mapped out so planning the big day is as straightforward as possible. Do take a look at our 'Menu' page to get a feel for the food we offer and give us a call on 07793 356131 to find out more.

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